Banda Riciclate / შავი და თეთრი


Banda Riciclante / Dir. Davide Rizzo / Italy / 2014 / 53 min.


12-year-old Jason is in his last year of primary school and would much rather act and sing, than play football. Some of his peers disapprove of his preference and ostracize him for being ‘weird’. Having lived through the experience of bullying, Jason has come to view his class as a chess game, black pieces making up enemies and white pieces illustrating his friends. In a desperate attempt to reach the other side, he decides to write a song describing his feelings, hoping to enable his classmates to understand him better.

შავი და თეთრი / რეჟ. სუზან კუნენი / ნიდერლანდები /2014 / 20 წთ.

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