The Chaos Within / შინაგანი ქაოსი


The Chaos Within / Dir. Yannai Lein / Israel / 2014 / 87 min.


Faiga is a holocaust survivor, who at 45 married Rabbi Ashlag. Before passing away, he taught her the secrets of Kabbalah. Since then Faiga tries to save the world from self-annihilation. Faiga expected his son, Yannai to be the Messiah and help save the humanity by spreading Kabbalah. Instead, trying to save his own personal world, at 14, Yannai ran away from home and became a heroin addict. The film exposes 10 Years of struggle for creating what seems least possible: Home.

შინაგანი ქაოსი / რეჟ. იანაი ლეინი / ისრაელი / 2014 / 87 წუთი

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